Some of our Farmstead Favorites… Found on Amazon

We love both homesteading and outdoor products and are always excited to find things that make our life easier, more efficient, or reduce waste. Below we share three welcome additions for camping and emergency situations, four great gift ideas, and five favorite items we’ve added around the house in the last year or two- all found on Amazon!

Three Must-Haves for Camping and Emergency Situations:

  1. Freeze Dried Meal – When we prepped for our last back-country camping trip, we picked up some freeze-dried meals. Peak Refuel has some great options to keep around for last minute plans or emergency situations!
  2. Suture Alternatives – We also picked up Steri-Strip Wound Closures to add to our medical kits…. because, well, accidents happen.
  3. Water Jugs – Whether it’s for camping or to keep around during storm season, having fresh, potable water is a must. We have a few different styles of containers, but like the narrow design and spout on this seven gallon jerry can style water storage jug.
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Four Great Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts:

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  1. Unique family activities for toddlers, preschool, and early elementary – In our home, experiences are valued more than objects. That often makes gift-giving, especially for kids, difficult. We picked up a few sets of these fun outdoor scavenger hunt sets to encourage other families to spend more time interacting outside!
  2. Older children to adult – We love to see makerspaces and getting people connected with handcrafting and producing. We were pleasantly surprised by this woodcarving kit.
  3. Older children to adult – Our son is an avid reader. Even at 10 years old, he’s enjoying this selection of stories based on the adventures of John Muir. Do you know someone who is outdoorsy or enjoys stories based on real life? Check out The Wild Muir.
  4. Older children to adult – Know someone who is inspired by the human spirit, primitive living in Alaska, or adventures in the outdoors? Check out both of the Alone in the Wilderness movies. We’ve watched them countless times.
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Five of our Favorites for Around the house:

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  1. Reusable Storage Bags – We love reusable silicon bags to reduce plastic waste in our kitchen. We’ve had a set of these silicon storage bags for a couple of years.
  2. Glass Storage Jars – who doesn’t need additional storage jars? We use these wide mouth gallon jars for our bread flour.
  3. Donut Pans – I’m not above tricking my kiddos into eating healthier. These donut form pans have been an awesome addition to our kitchen! I routinely use muffin, banana bread, and zucchini bread batter to make homemade “donuts” that are always a hit.
  4. Tea Bags – I love loose-leaf tea. I make many of my own blends using herbs that we grow and forage here on the farm. While I normally use a metal tea ball, these cotton filter bags are perfect for travel and gifting!
  5. Hand Pump Oil Mister – while I like the convenience of oil sprays, I prefer to use products with minimal additives and preservatives. A hand-pump oil spray jar is both refillable and allows me total control over the product we’re using.
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