10 Common Homesteading Myths

There’s no doubt that homesteading is becoming more popular (and for good reason). For many families, being cooped up during quarantine had them dreaming of more land and reconnecting with nature. Here’s the thing… as great as homesteading and having a small farm is, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. It’sContinue reading “10 Common Homesteading Myths”

Foraging Wild Edibles

When you hear the word “forage” what do you think of? As a child, I associated it with hunters and gatherers. When I started raising more livestock, it became synonymous with fodder, or feed, for livestock. These days, however, I tend to think of wildcrafting, herbs, and edible plants before anything else. In a worldContinue reading “Foraging Wild Edibles”

The Beauty of Pokeweed

As the summer winds down and I start to channel my inner squirrel, foraging and storing plants before the coming winter months, I’ve realized it may be time to share more information about all the “weeds” that I love. Pokeweed is an often misunderstood plant. Here in Tennessee you can find plenty of folks whoContinue reading “The Beauty of Pokeweed”

A Season For Everything

Today, while enjoying an unexpected visit from friends, I was reminded that there is a season for everything. While I recognize this in our gardening (I’m currently behind on prepping some of my fall beds) and with our animals (I need to check the calendar to see when to expect our next farrowing), there areContinue reading “A Season For Everything”

Raising Farm Kids

Spoiler alert: we don’t have it figured out either. There’s something special about farm kids. They know far more about life than many of their peers, if for no other reason than seeing the harsh realities of farm life. They’ve seen births, experienced death, worked through meal times to prepare for a storm, and hadContinue reading “Raising Farm Kids”

What Type of Homesteader Are You?

Can we talk about “The Homesteading Movement” for a minute? I had a colleague recently ask how our farmstead was different than the farms she sees at the farmer’s market. At first glance, it probably isn’t very different, except we don’t have a dedicated market garden or sell at local markets – we rely onContinue reading “What Type of Homesteader Are You?”

LGD Health and Nutrition: The Role of Body Condition Scoring

Health and nutrition go hand in hand. We all try to ensure that our animals are cared for in the best way, but have you ever been confused by feeding recommendations? We’ve tried a few different dog food brands and every one had a different feeding chart. None of them seemed to take into accountContinue reading “LGD Health and Nutrition: The Role of Body Condition Scoring”

Country is a Mindset

Have you heard the saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup? Well, this weekend I was able to refill my cup a little. I carved out time to indulge in a conference that fuels my passions. The weather turned out perfect, despite the sunburn on my neck reminding me today that a wide-brimmedContinue reading “Country is a Mindset”

Preparing for Rain

The sun is shining, the sky is a striking blue, and out of nowhere a strong gust of wind foretells the front moving our way. We’ve been preparing this week, trying to get ahead of the weather as our place is still soaked from the last round. But being able to prepare hasn’t always beenContinue reading “Preparing for Rain”

Under Pressure… Life Lessons from the Kitchen

Do you remember the first time you successfully used a pressure canner? Did you careful comb the instructions, checking the weights for the third time and the steps for the fifth? Did you feel anxious as you impatiently watched for steam, fascinated, but hesitant to get too close? Did you feel trepidation when the pressureContinue reading “Under Pressure… Life Lessons from the Kitchen”