About Us

Welcome to Farrow Family Farmstead! Like most small farms and homesteads, it is a place full of hard work, adventure, and a never ending list of projects. Johnny and I first started building a farm in 2007, but moved to our current location in 2015. Along with our farm kids, we are cultivating a small haven as the Metropolitan Nashville area grows around us.

Our Farmstead is committed to living more sustainably on our land and producing high quality, nutritious foods for both our family and the local community. From our herbs and gardens to treatment-free bee hives and pastured animals, we enjoy knowing where our food comes from.

Join us as we share tips and tricks from our farmstead, celebrate good days, and find hope in the hard times.

If you’re local, plan a visit! We host RC Field Days the first full weekend of each month. It’s a fun, family-friendly way to spend some time outside!

What People Are Saying

What an incredibly genuine family! Don’t miss out on getting to know this hard-working pair, or their imaginative kids. They’re going places!

Rachel V.

A wealth of information and always gracious with my questions. Thank you for helping me discover the joys of raising my own chickens.

Melanie R.

I love that you’re always willing to share the lessons you’ve learned. We need more farms like yours. Let’s get more people connected to their food.

Jay S.

Build a relationship with the Farmstead.

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