Life on the farmstead is an adventure. Some days you’re trying new things, others you stop to enjoy the view, and then there are the days you stumble on the trail and your biggest accomplishment is just picking yourself up and continuing on... This is a place where we celebrate it all.

The whole family gets involved in farm chores and wildcrafting, like collecting these black walnuts.

Join me in celebrating simple lifestyles, returning to old ways, and reconnecting with the natural world around us. From adventures in pressure canning to sourdough starter fails, I’m not afraid to share what’s worked – and hasn’t – on our farm.

Do you share a love of cottage gardens, fuzzy cows, and wildflowers? Great! Let’s build a community where we can share and support each other. Want to learn more? Check out our online learning community at farmsteadfavorites.thinkific.com.

Fresh peppermint is a welcome addition to our farm, but don’t make the mistake I did… plant it in a pot, not your herb garden!

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