A Season For Everything

Today, while enjoying an unexpected visit from friends, I was reminded that there is a season for everything.

While I recognize this in our gardening (I’m currently behind on prepping some of my fall beds) and with our animals (I need to check the calendar to see when to expect our next farrowing), there are times that I fail to remember this in our homesteading journey.

Some years we have grown leaps and bounds in our infrastructure, but others are marked by few additions and a focus on just maintaining what we have. It’s important to recognize that we need both. This year our spring cool-season garden was bountiful, but my summer garden is the smallest I’ve had in years so I could focus on some extended family needs this spring. By not getting as much planted, I’m also spending less time weeding, harvesting, and preserving, allowing me time to really step back and evaluate where we are.

The first semblance of our farmstead started more than 15 years ago on a different property. In that time I’ve learned to love okra (something I wasn’t sure would happen after moving to the south from New England), brought two wonderful children into the world, expanded the livestock we keep, and realized a passion for the native plants in our area.

Our first tractor. While it was a great piece of equipment for us, upgrading to a larger tractor with a front-end loader has opened up more possibilities on our farm.

Very few of the shifts we made over the years were large, but they built on each other to create a profound change in our lives. As the summer winds down, it’s tempting to look to the winter ahead. Have we accomplished all that we hoped before then?

Don’t disregard the small steps you’ve made this year- they are easy to overlook, but move you along the journey just the same. Taking small steps on occasion will set you up for the larger ones. I know my time has given me a chance to refocus on our priorities for our property and sparked plans for a much larger investment this fall. And that’s the way it works sometimes.

Regardless of what season you are in, now is your time. Find the blessing in it and always move forward.

I’d love to know what projects you are prioritizing right now. Drop a comment below or send us a message!

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